Friday, 10 October 2014

Contributor Interview #2: Josie Brookes

What is your name and what do you create?
My name is Josie Brookes. I use a combination of drawing, print and collage to create my illustrations. I focus on character based editorial work with a quirky twist.

Where do you take your inspiration?
I am inspired by everything really. I like 1950s aesthetic, patterns, interesting colour combinations, animals and people. I am also inspired by my own experiences and travels.

Whats your favourite piece of work or a favourite project you’ve worked on?
I like the ‘The Lurker’ piece I created for a recent exhibition titled ‘Babes in the Wood’ as I got chance to experiment with colouring it in using a collection of old pens and pencils dating back from my childhood days.  I’m also proud of the children’s book I illustrated, ‘The Making of U’.

What is your ultimate artistic goal?
To work on some more children’s book illustration projects.

Where can people find out more about you?
My website - 

I'm also on Facebook and Twitter -

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