Friday, 24 October 2014

Contributor Interview #4: Ben Holland

What is your name and what do you create?
I'm Ben Holland a pen & ink artist and illustrator living in Heaton, Newcastle. Everything I draw is done by hand. This is partly because I like working with my hands and partly because I'm rubbish with computers. But mainly the hands bit.

Where do you take your inspiration?
Everyday life. I like to draw the buildings we use day to day, whether they be newsagents, pubs, barber shops, back streets, cinemas... Ultimately these are the places we do most of our living so I like to reflect the underbelly of those buildings in my work.

Whats your favourite piece of work or a favourite project you’ve worked on?
The next project is usually my favourite one. I can only see the mistakes in the previous ones! I'm currently working on a project centred around the world of cinema and I'm pretty pleased with how that's shaping up, for now...

What is your ultimate artistic goal?
There's no grand master plan. I've enough work and ideas to keep me going for a couple of years and after that who knows in what direction things will develop... that's half the excitement really. 

Where can people find out more about you?
I have a website

and you can also find me on
and my Twitter handle is @LMOHT

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